Auction FAQ

Prior to the auction:

How do I log in?

Just click "Login", or "Register" if you have not yet signed up for access. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation link via E‑Mail - click to activate your account and you're all set!
If you already have an account, click "Login" at the top of the page and sign in with your credentials. Otherwise sign up here.

Can I bid without being logged in?

No, bidding is only possible for registered users with an active profile.

Who will see my real name when I bid?

We take data protection very seriously. Therefore, your data and your name will not be visible to anyone when you bid. Only the organising team can see who is behind each bid, so that we can contact the successful bidder. We will not share your data with third parties.

Where can I find information on the horses' health and condition (vet check)?

All lots have gone through a rigorous clinical examination and have had a full set of X-rays taken. The results are available to potential buyers on request - just send us an E-Mail or call the AS Online Auction team on +49 4876 900 278.

Can I test ride a horse I'm interested in?

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit us to view and try out any horses you are interested in. To make an appointment, just reach out to the AS Online Auction team on +49 4876 900 278.

At the auction

Can I submit a best offer without it being visible immediately?

No, any bids made will be immediately visible and binding. The next bidder will have to top the visible bid to win the auction.

Who can I contact if I have specific questions about a horse?

During business ours, we'll be more than happy to assist via phone (Harm Sievers: +49172 410 3477 or Dirk Ahlmann +49171 328 8679). You can also contact us via E-Mail (

I am experiencing a technical problem - who can help?

For technical support, please contact ClipMyHorse-TV Auctions BV via E‑Mail or phone +31 10  -  742 18 12.

When will the auction close for bids?

The auction will close lot by lot starting at 5pm (CET) on Saturday, 13 June 2020. Bidding for lot No.1 will close at 5:00pm, lot No. 2 at 5:05pm etc., unless bids are submitted in the last five minutes before closing - see point below.

What happens if time is almost up, another bidder makes a bid and I don't have enough time to respond?

If a bid is submitted in the last five minutes of the auction, the closing time of that lot will automatically extend by five minutes. For instance, if lot 1 (normally closing at 5:00pm) receives a bid at 4:59pm, the closing time will extend to 5:05pm, and so on. The lot will close once no further bids are received in the five-minute window.
This will not affect the closing time of any following lots, i.e. lot No. 2 will still close at 5:05pm.

When will I hear whether I've won the auction?

We will contact you immediately after the closing of the lot's auction via E-Mail to the address connected to your account.

After the auction

How can I pay?

The AS Online Auction team will reach out to the highest bidder on Monday 15 June to settle the invoice and agree the payment method. The buyer will receive an invoice detailing winning bid, sales commission (6%), sales tax and insurance premium.

What happens to the horse after the auction, and who is liable?

The buyer must collect the horse from the auction yard in short order, after payment has been made.
As soon as the auction closes, the risk of accidental loss or deterioration of the horse shall pass from the seller to the buyer.
The horse will be covered by insurance for a period of 8 weeks.

When and where will handover take place?

The handover of the horse will take place in Reher, Germany, once the auction invoice has been settled.